Repair Business Workshops

Repair Business Workshop at ICRS 2013

Ivan Mladenovic teaches lessons he's learned in mobile repair while growing Preemo. Learn the basics of the mobile device repair business:

John Bumstead tells us how he grew his Mac refurbishment business, RDKL Inc., from concept to reality. Learn about repair business specialization:

There's a $1B market opportunity for mobile device repair in the US. Using iFixit's free business resources and repair documentation, you can start and grow your own repair business. We'll show you how:

Build a cash flow projection and proof of concept for your new business:

Kyle reviews the repair training resources available for new technicians on and the institutional challenges to repair:

Sean Nicholson, Microsoft's OEM 3R Manager, gives a basic overview of theMicrosoft Registered Refurbisher Programs (RRP).

Computers for Classrooms Tour

If you're starting a computer repair or refurbishment operation, you need to see how such a business works at scale.

Take a tour of Computers for Classrooms with founder Pat Furr. Computers for Classrooms is a non-profit Microsoft Registered Refurbisher that refurbishes donated PCs. Once refurbished, computers are sold at incredible discounts to schools and individuals in need.

Pat opened her warehouse for a quick tour—and we thought we should immortalize it on the internet. Watch once, then watch again to see how this refurbishment operation works.

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