E-Waste Recycling

What do you do with that cracked screen you just removed from the tablet you're working on? Don't throw it out; recycle it.

Electronics contain all sorts of nasty chemicals and toxic materials and should not be sent to a landfill.E-waste is a growing international crisis. You, as a repair technician, must be part of the solution. 

Not only is e-waste recycling,Repair Technicians Creed|the responsible thing that every repair technician should do, it's the law.

E-Waste Laws and How to Follow Them

United States of America

The United States of America does not have a national e-waste mandate. However, individual states have passed state e-waste laws. The list below is a community-built list. If your state isn't listed below, don't assume there's not state e-waste law for you to follow.



ü   California e-waste law

ü   California e-waste recyclers


ü   Creative Recycling, IT Asset Management & Recycling


ü   Illinois Registered Residential E-Waste Collection Sites

ü   Illinois e-waste law


ü   Recycle Indiana: e-waste

ü   Indiana Electronic Waste Program Registered Collectors (PDF)

ü   Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts


ü   Kentucky e-waste law

ü   Kentucky e-waste recyclers


ü   Maryland e-waste information


ü   Pennsylvania e-waste law

ü   Pennsylvania e-waste recyclers

New York

ü   New York e-waste law 


ü   Humusz: e-waste resources 


ü   Beeatoona: general e-waste resources

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